Stolen Yellow Roses of Dutch Print





NHSB: 2385931

Colour: yellow

Eyes clear

Hips: C

Elbows: O-O

Twice As Nice of Dutch Print Dakross Man In The Mirror Dakross Kajagoogoo
Lindall Classic
Dear Fortune of Dutch Print Poolstead Printer
Smallwood's Magic Lady
Is It A Stolen Kiss of Dutch Print Donacre High Reward Donacre High Marks
Karimwood High Surprise at Donacre
Deep Emotion of Dutch Print Ch. I am The Greatest of Dutch Print
Withara´s Marine´s Harmony



Twice as Nice of Dutch Print (yellow)
HD B1 (nbw 1/40), Optigen A, ED 0-0


It is a Stolen Kiss of Dutch Print (yellow)
HD C, ED 0-0


Mila has good healthscores and is a happy and most lovely dog

with full temperament

Mila lives with us in our home.



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