Fight For Freedom of Dutch Print

More than once excellent qualification





NHSB: 2511267

Colour: black (type 1, BB-EE, homozygoot)

Eyes clear (optigen A), d.d. 9-5-2009

Hips: A

Elbows: O-O

Ch. Guideline“s With a Will Fieldvalley“s Fabianco Lundsidens Alex
Fieldvalley“s Alina Mertoun
Winnie“s Copie it Right Guideline“s Copyright
Novacroft Madeleine
April Emotion of Dutch Print Ch. Fogel Hlara Rider On The Storm Rocksteady Ride The Storm
Unique v.d. Ottershof
Deep Emotion of Dutch Print Ch. I am The Greatest of Dutch Print
Withara“s Marine“s Harmony



Ch. Guideline's With a Will (imp. Swed.) (black)
HD H, Optigen A1 ED 0-0


April Emotion of Dutch Print (black)


Nelson is a soft and lively dog.

He is a nice family dog

Nelson lives with us in our home.



© Of Dutch Print Labradors 2009