First Born Emotion of Dutch Print

More than once excellent qualification




NHSB: 2356770

Colour: black

Eyes clear

Hips: B (nbw 1/40)

Elbows: O-O

Twice As Nice of Dutch Print Dakross Man In The Mirror Dakross Kajagoogoo
Lindall Classic
Dear Fortune of Dutch Print Poolstead Printer
Smallwood's Magic Lady
Deep Emotion of Dutch Print Ch. I am The Greatest of Dutch Print Copsehill Moonlight Classique
Dear Fortune of Dutch Print
Withara´s Marine´s Harmony Ch. Charway Ballymarine
Withara´s Charming Black Gipsy



Twice as Nice of Dutch Print (yellow)
HD B1 (nbw 1/40), Optigen A, ED 0-0


Deep Emotion of Dutch Print (black)
HD B, ED 0-0


Maggie is very social and loves people. Especially children.

She's active and has the will to please. It is a dog with very nice temperament

Maggie had 2 litters.


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