I am Important of Dutch Print






NHSB: 2784280

Colour: black

Eyes clear 26 februari 2011

Optigen: Normal 11 december 2010

Hips: HD A 0/40


Fight for Freedom
of Dutch Print

Guideline's with a will
N.H.S.B. 2275023 HD H
"IMP"(Zwed.) SKK 17234/96 CW.'01
Fieldvalley's Fabianco
NKK 17872/93
Winnie's Copie it right
SKK 17289/94 HD H
April Emotion Of Dutch Print
Fogel Hlara Rider on the storm (black)
N.H.S.B. 2168372 HD B
Deep Emotion Of Dutch Print (black)
N.H.S.B. 2041436 HDB
First Born Emotion
of Dutch Print
Twice as nice Of Dutch Print
Dakross Man in the mirror N.H.S.B. 1650382 HD A
"IMP"(Eng)KCR P3063703 P02 (black)
Dear Fortune Of Dutch Print
N.H.S.B. 1579095 HD B (yellow)
Deep Emotion Of Dutch Print (black) Kamp.
I Am the greatest Of Dutch Print N.H.S.B. 1696689 HD B (black)
Withara's Marine's Harmoney
N.H.S.B. 1604178 (black)



Fight For Freedom of Dutch Print

'Nelson' 28-05-2004 NHSB: 2511267

Colour: black (type 1, BB-EE, homozygoot)

Eyes clear (optigen A), d.d. 9-5-2009

Hips: A

Elbows: O-O


First Born Emotion of Dutch Print

'Maggie' 16-03-2001

NHSB: 2356770

Colour: black

Eyes clear

Hips: B (nbw 1/40)

Elbows: O-O




Berend is a dog with a very soft character

He has the will to please

Berend lives with us.



Of Dutch Print Labradors 2009